Viking knives CD

One of the most common artefacts from the Viking Age is a knife. Almost every person in the Viking Age was in possesion of a knife with him or her when they were buried (especially women). This means that our best information about knives is actually coming from grave finds. Knives found at a settlement places are more or less always broken or just a piece of the complete item. Being mainly from graves, means that most of the knives have been discovered during archaeologicalexcavations.

All the illustrations are included in high resolution photos giving an excelleent chance to see all the small details from the sheaths etc.

This CD-R deals with knives from Viking Age, mainly found on Gotland, and mainly coming from three different grave fields. The picture gallery is built around a number of authentic Viking knives with reasonably well preserved sheaths (Knife 1, 2 and 3). Besides these, there are some reconstruction drawings and photos (one is a detailed reconstruction of a knife and sheath from Gotland) of original knives, to get an impression of their sizes, shapes and decorations. A third part of the gallery deals with the form and shape of the iron knives themselves. Finally there is a section dealing with some pattern of bronze mountings from different sheaths.

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